METLIB Prague'08

Q: I´ve heard that you don´t have any book in the library, because they are all "Czech"ed out! Is that true?

A: Absolutely not! And it is not even funny! Seriously people, isn´t there anything more interesting than playing with those homophones?
Of course we have dozens of books in our library! Come to Prague and Yule sea.


Q: What is the weather in Prague in June?

A: In Prague the weather doesn't matter. Because: Prague is beautiful in any weather. Except when the snow is melting... But we can promise no melting snow in June.
Still not satisfied with the answer? O.K. we've done some research for you and in this chart you'll find positive information about the June weather.


Q: OK, so where the heck are the photos from Seattle?!

A: They are in our Bloguide.
And also here.